Monday, February 22, 2016

Week 17

Well, basically mission life is still going on! I got asked by the zone leaders to give a talk tomorrow about revelation through the Book of Mormon. So hopefully that will go good!! Actually, it will. Because I'm a missionary and I have faith!
Yesterday as Sister Linker and I were getting ready for bed and we were just talking. She asked me how I knew when I was happy. That question kinda stumped me, not because I didn't know the difference between happiness and sadness, but because I was trying to really think on how I recognized the things that bring me happiness. At first I gave the general answers, "because I get to teach people about the gospel" "because things are going good" etc... Then I decided to turn to the scriptures to better explain my answer. I flipped open to Mosiah 2:41. As you probably know, this scripture talks about the blessed and HAPPY state of those that keep God's commandments, it also promises the blessing of never-ending happiness as we continue faithful. The spirit testified of this truth and as we continued talking I realized that the times when I'm most happy is when I'm throwing myself into the work. Even if we don't see success I'm happy because I know that I did everything that was expected of me. It's those days when I tend to procrastinate that the work seems extra hard.
God promises that as we keep His commandments we can receive that eternal happiness and joy. Even though it still terrifies me to go contacting I know that Heavenly Father is pleased with my efforts because I'm doing what He has called me to do. And because of the Atonement I can try again every day to be better at opening my mouth and He promises to help me (Ether 12:27).

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