Monday, February 27, 2017

Week 70

"A scripture a day keeps Satan away"

I've been thinking a lot this week about my mission as a whole. I'm very grateful for the time that I've been able to consecrate to doing the Lord's work. I've realized that as I make the decision every day to leave behind all and follow Christ (Luke 18:28) that my life is filled with so much joy. There are days that are long and there are days that are hard, but when I'm able to come home at night knowing that, if nothing else, I tried my best, then I can know that God is pleased and has accepted my efforts.

This sweet lady came to church on Sunday. She has a funny story. We tracted into her one day and found out that she was a member of the church. She'd been baptized about 10 years ago with her husband but moved her to Washington a while ago and has since stopped coming to church. She let us in and we had a great little lesson with her. She invited us to come back and so we set a return appointment, but not until March 8th...She texted us this week and said she went to the Beehive Bookstore and bought a Gospel Principles book and was going to come to church on Sunday. She's one of the funniest people I've met!

We saw Leo Grimmer and scheduled his baptism interview. His family is so special to us. While we were there they said that after Leo's baptism they'll be able to be sealed as a family. And they invited us to their temple sealing!

Alma 29:9
"I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and glory iit. do not glory of myselfbut glory in that which thLord hath commanded me; yea, and this is my glorythat perhaps may be an instrument ithe hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and thiis my joy."

Have a great week!

Sister Hammond ♥

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Week 69

"The Dream Team"

This week has been a blast! We met with the Bishop in our ward and talked about how our investigators were doing. He looked up at us and said, "you're our dream team!" Sister Erickson and I have seen so many miracles together! I was really anxious this weekend though because we had transfer calls on Sunday night. We'd already been together for 12 weeks and a lot of changes were happening in the mission. Out of 75 companionships about 60 of them were being changed. We didn't have high hopes of staying together...BUT WE ARE! 

We're teaching this sweet little boy, his name is Leo. He's 9 and probably one of the smartest and most spiritual little boys I've ever met. We've been meeting with him for the last few weeks. He has high functioning autism so his parents wanted to wait on getting him baptized. During our lesson on repentance we asked him what he thought it meant, so he said, "Well, isn't it like this.." he then proceeded to pray and ask God to forgive him for his sins. ♥ He's getting baptized on March 11th.

I've been studying about the Atonement of Jesus Christ. He is our advocate with the Father. He loves us and has provided the way for us to overcome spiritual and physical death. In Alma the prophet teaches us that He's provided the means for our Heavenly Father to be perfectly just and also perfectly merciful. Repentance is a key part in His plan. It's continuing to align our will with God's and to become better every day. 3 Nephi 9 13-15 reminds us that Christ's Atonement is also healing. He will heal our broken hearts and carry us as we come to Him. 

I love you all!

Sister Hammond ♥

matching shirts plus valentine's dinos.

the District ft. half of Elder Duncan

Monday, February 13, 2017

Week 68

My very own mantra ♥

We had one of the best lessons in Relief Society yesterday. We learned about optimism from Gordon B. Hinkley's teachings of prophets manual. It gave me a new perspective of the importance of making the best of any situation. His idea of doing this - by reciting a positive mantra every morning. I've got to do a lot of work in order to come up with my own mantra ;)

Brother Thompson and his family came to church yesterday! We've been meeting with him for the past 2 months and they are probably one of our favorite families here. His wife is a member. They have 2 kids: Rocky is 3 and Birdie is almost 1. Brother Thompson loves the gospel and we had a powerful lesson last night about the Book of Mormon and the Bible. He's been thinking a lot about baptism so we invited him to counsel with his wife and with God about what he should do. I'm so grateful that God helps us to find our answers in ways that are unique to us. We have a lesson with them again on Wednesday and we'll follow up with what his thoughts are. Keep him in your prayers!

This past week I was reflecting on my mission as a whole. I was on exchanges with another missionary and she reminded me so much of my 3rd transfer with Sister Linker. It took me down memory road. I've come so far and learned so much in the short time that I've been on my mission. I especially know that these next 3 months are going to be some of the best. I can just feel it. I set a couple of goals to help me to really dive into missionary work. I want to build up my testimony and understanding of Jesus Christ and His gospel so that I can be prepared to testify of Him wherever I go. I love my mission. I love the opportunities that I have to share the things that I hold so close to my heart.

I want you to know that I have a firm testimony of the truthfulness of the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. He stands today at the head of His church and directs us through His prophet, Thomas S. Monson. I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God. It is the keystone of our religion. I've studied it. I've prayed about it. The spirit has taught me time and time again that it is Holy Scripture. I'm so grateful to have these truths, and most importantly to be able to share them. 

I love you all! Happy Valentine's Day ♥♥♥ 1 Nephi 26:24 - the greatest act of love.

Sister Hammond ♥

our temple trip from a couple of weeks ago ♥

Mission leadership council ♥

Monday, February 6, 2017

Week 67

Let it Snow Snow Snow

A member told us earlier in the week that we were supposed to get a snow storm. Sister Erickson and I responded with an unconvinced laugh. Mostly because a couple of months ago we were supposed to have a huge storm that literally was only a little bit of rain and some wind. But to our surprise we woke up yesterday morning and it was indeed snowing! It snowed all day and into the night. The roads were pretty treacherous this morning. We had to have the Elders come and help us get our out of the parking lot this morning. HAHA the funniest part is that we only got maybe 3-5 inches, but in this part of Washington it doesn't snow very often, so nobody knows what to do!

Yesterday we had a pretty amazing miracle, we were walking down a street before dinner - the roads were pretty scary so we made it to our dinner early and decided to talk to people in the area. We are walking down the road and this man comes around the corner of his house. We go over and start talking with him, share some scriptures and testimony about the Plan of Salvation (because he told us of his parents passing away and feeling like there was something more after this life). After setting up a return appointment and inviting him to pray he looks over at us and says, "This is just the weirdest thing. I was sitting inside, warm, watching the Super Bowl, and out of know where I had the thought that I needed to come outside and move my van because of the snow. And when I walked out, you two were here!" I don't believe in coincidences. I believe in a God who loves His children and wants them all to have the opportunity to hear about the message of the Restoration and His plan for us. I know that this man, Jimmy, has been prepared and this was divine intervention so that we'd be able to meet him.

Check out this website this week and share a link with someone who could use it :)

Sister Hammond ♥