Monday, June 27, 2016

Week 35

Where to even begin, there is so much happening in Lake Holm. The Lord is truly blessing us Black heart (cards) I guess I'll start from the beginning. Sister Skousen went home on Saturday, she had some things to take care of at home, but she will be working hard to come back to Washington in January. She was incredible and I loved the time we were able to be together. I learned so much from her!! Also, she is pretty stinking hilarious. :D Well, with her leaving, that left the question of who would be coming to Lake Holm with me. There are a couple of trios of sisters so it wasn't too hard to figure that one of those sisters would be coming here. Only, I did not expect who I would be getting. President Eaton called us on Thursday morning and asked if I was ready to hear who my new companion would be. Of course I said yes. Without a moment's hesitation he said something like "now this really shouldn't be happening, but Sister Zavala will be your new companion." I think I literally screamed.

She came on Saturday and we have kind of been living in a dream like state ever since. We did some sercive and had stake conference on Saturday night and Sunday and pday today, so it just feels like we are on an extended exchange. We both keep looking at each other and saying "is this even happening right now?" "Is this real life?" "I don't know what's going on" haha ;) it's just soooo weird! We have 4 weeks together because we are 99% sure that this isn't going to last.

Also, President Eaton goes home this week and we will be welcoming the Rassmussen's to our mission! So excited!

During companion study this morning Sister Zavala shared this amazing insight that I'd like to share. It's in the book of Ether in the Book of Mormon where the Brother of Jared is petitioning for the Lord's help in providing light for their journey across the ocean. The part that stood out the most was when the Lord touched the stones "one by one" (Ethere 3:6). When you reference this to 3 Ne. 17:21 we see that the resurrected Lord took the Nephite children and blessed them "one by one". Our Heavenly Father's plan envelopes all of His children, but it is also a plan that is personal for each and every person. They know us individually and by name, and one by one Jesus Christ "[took] upon Him the pains and the sicknesses of His people" (Alma 7:11). Going back to Ether 3:4 He does this so that we can be filled with His light. As we humble ourselves before Him He will "prepare [us] that [we] may shine forth in darkness". We all have the light of Christ in us, but it does take a willing heart and mind to fully submit to His will so that He can shine that light to those around us who may be sitting in the dark, without hope and without light. It's been such a blessing to be able to witness first hand the way that the Lord uses His servants to shine forth His light in a darkened world. 

I love you all!

Sister Hammond Black heart (cards)

Monday, June 20, 2016

Week 34

After district meeting on Wednesday I asked my district leader for a blessing. Can I just say how much I love the Priesthood? It's incredible to be able to serve right along these men who are worthy to represent Jesus Christ as His missionaries and who use the authority that they have to sacredly. It's refreshing to be able to be around people who respect themselves, others, and the Lord.

In my blessing we were promised to see many miracles in Lake Holm. Which is happening Black heart (cards) Heavenly Father has blessed Sister Skousen and I so much more than I could have ever thought. We are working with great people and our investigator, Autumn, has been changing so much! We shared Proverbs 31:10 with her. This last week she told us that as she's been working (she's a mechanic and works with a lot of men and she's a very pretty 22 year old girl) and she's been taking more pride in herself. She's noticed more about what guys say to her and she's been standing up for herself! Love her.

Also, Sister Skousen hit her 9 month mark so I took her to Red Robin for lunch :) basically, life in Washington is great ☼

a guy in our ward thinks it's cool to hang swords and axes on his wall. All of which are sharpened and highly dangerous. But he assures us that they are secured very securely to the wall....hmm...
​this is an old picture​ but Sister Skousen and I are going hiking on this trail after shopping today, so it's a sneak peek of pictures for next week.

Love you all!!

Sister Hammond Black heart (cards)

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Week 33

Best news of the week - Sister Skousen and I are staying together for another 6 weeks :
Best event of the week - Ahlaiya and Kendrick got baptized!
Best surprise of the week - Brooke (aka Sister Frischknecht) drove 13 hours from Utah to come to the baptism on Saturday ♪♫♪

Alma 26:12 "many mighty miracles we have wrought in the land for which we will praise His name forever"

Sister Hammond Black heart (cards)

Monday, June 6, 2016

Week 32

Sister Skousen and I have been having so much fun in Lake Holm. This ward is literally on fire! We've been having a bigger focus on getting to know the ward and members better. It's so important to work closely with them. We went over to a family's house on Thursday and accidentally interrupted their dinner, but they were super funny and invited us in. So we just sat on two fold out chairs in their kitchen while they ate their dinner. ^.^ Oh, and their last name is Hirschi. So they were automatically awesome. 

We had a great district meeting on the importance of gratitude. Sister Bonnie Parkins gave a talk called Gratitude:the key to happiness. I never realized how important this concept was. In her talk she mentions that expressing gratitude is actually an act of faith. Alma 34:38 exhorts us to "Live in Thanksgiving daily." As we take the time to recognize the hand of the Lord in our lives then we'll recognize how much He truly blesses us.

We are so excited because Heavenly Father is blessing this ward. Ahlaiya is 8 years old, neither of her parents are members, but her step mom is. We've been teaching her for the past little bit and she is getting baptized on Saturday along with her step brother Kendrick. We're so excited for them! they are the sweetest Black heart (cards) Being on a mission is one of the greatest blessings ☼

Sister Hammond Black heart (cards)
we got these cool little drawing things called boogie boards. They are awesome.
this sewing machine still works and it's from the 1930's!
district pics.