Monday, June 20, 2016

Week 34

After district meeting on Wednesday I asked my district leader for a blessing. Can I just say how much I love the Priesthood? It's incredible to be able to serve right along these men who are worthy to represent Jesus Christ as His missionaries and who use the authority that they have to sacredly. It's refreshing to be able to be around people who respect themselves, others, and the Lord.

In my blessing we were promised to see many miracles in Lake Holm. Which is happening Black heart (cards) Heavenly Father has blessed Sister Skousen and I so much more than I could have ever thought. We are working with great people and our investigator, Autumn, has been changing so much! We shared Proverbs 31:10 with her. This last week she told us that as she's been working (she's a mechanic and works with a lot of men and she's a very pretty 22 year old girl) and she's been taking more pride in herself. She's noticed more about what guys say to her and she's been standing up for herself! Love her.

Also, Sister Skousen hit her 9 month mark so I took her to Red Robin for lunch :) basically, life in Washington is great ☼

a guy in our ward thinks it's cool to hang swords and axes on his wall. All of which are sharpened and highly dangerous. But he assures us that they are secured very securely to the wall....hmm...
​this is an old picture​ but Sister Skousen and I are going hiking on this trail after shopping today, so it's a sneak peek of pictures for next week.

Love you all!!

Sister Hammond Black heart (cards)

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