Monday, June 6, 2016

Week 32

Sister Skousen and I have been having so much fun in Lake Holm. This ward is literally on fire! We've been having a bigger focus on getting to know the ward and members better. It's so important to work closely with them. We went over to a family's house on Thursday and accidentally interrupted their dinner, but they were super funny and invited us in. So we just sat on two fold out chairs in their kitchen while they ate their dinner. ^.^ Oh, and their last name is Hirschi. So they were automatically awesome. 

We had a great district meeting on the importance of gratitude. Sister Bonnie Parkins gave a talk called Gratitude:the key to happiness. I never realized how important this concept was. In her talk she mentions that expressing gratitude is actually an act of faith. Alma 34:38 exhorts us to "Live in Thanksgiving daily." As we take the time to recognize the hand of the Lord in our lives then we'll recognize how much He truly blesses us.

We are so excited because Heavenly Father is blessing this ward. Ahlaiya is 8 years old, neither of her parents are members, but her step mom is. We've been teaching her for the past little bit and she is getting baptized on Saturday along with her step brother Kendrick. We're so excited for them! they are the sweetest Black heart (cards) Being on a mission is one of the greatest blessings ☼

Sister Hammond Black heart (cards)
we got these cool little drawing things called boogie boards. They are awesome.
this sewing machine still works and it's from the 1930's!
district pics.

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