Monday, February 29, 2016

Week 18

We had a crazy fun week full of car troubles, walking in the rain, and finding new investigators. WE'RE SO BLESSED!

It started off with a zone training on helping people to be agents and not just objects. And my talk was pretty good, if I don't say so myself ^-^ I had it written and all ready to go, but I hadn't practiced it yet, so on the way to our meeting I practice on the other sisters... It was supposed to be a 5 minute talk, but I took up 5 minutes with just the introduction!! I had to do some serious editing. I was thinking about what was most important in my talk that Heavenly Father needed me to share. Well, the other day we had a Book of Mormon lesson with one of our investigators on 1 Ne. 1. Nephi is telling us about his father and the dream that he had in which he saw the destruction of Jerusalem. For my talk I broke this vision down. First, Lehi hears from other prophets about this destruction. He then goes to the Lord in PRAYER to better understand. While he is carried away in PRAYER he is given a book and "as he read, he was filled with the Spirit of the Lord" (vs. 12). After PRAYING and READING he sees the abominations of the people and glories in the justice and mercy of the Lord for showing him this. But that's not all. In vs. 18 it says that "he went forth among the people, and began to prophesy and to declare unto them..."

I used this particular section in the Book of Mormon to emphasize the pattern in which we can receive personal revelation. When we have questions about anything we can always turn to Heavenly Father for clarification or understanding. In fact, He asks us to come to Him for knowledge. James 1:5 says that if we lack wisdom then ask God and He'll give it to us. This is what Lehi did, as well as many other prophets, including Joseph Smith. The pattern to receiving personal revelation is 1. pray-take your questions to God 2. read your scriptures-study and ponder because He works through our thoughts and feelings 3. ACT-don't just hold on to that knowledge, but share it with others. Act on the answers that you've been given.

Sorry that was such a long letter, I was just excited to understand this a little bit more and to use it as a tool in missionary work.

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