Monday, December 12, 2016

Week 59

"Thanks Elizabeth"

Every week just keeps getting better and better. We were talking with a man named Grant, in the middle of trying to testify of the Resto he looks at Sister Erickson and says, "Where are you from?" "Utah" "Not with an accent like that, are you sure you're not from England?" HAHA, positive. Then, we met a Ukrainian man who kept thinking Sis Erickson's name was Elizabeth. (Fit's with the British theme.) as we were leaving he said, "thanks Elizabeth!" We had to hold in our laughter until we'd walked down his long driveway. 

On Tuesday we went out finding and we were led to a incredibly prepared man, Dave Matthews. Brother Matthews has had a really rough past, he was released from prison a few months ago, and he has had a strong desire to rekindle his faith in God and go to church. Right off the bat, he said he would come to church this Sunday. We were very happy with that :) We were able to teaching him about the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and later on, about the Plan of Salvation. He is really excited about everything he has been learning, and says that he feels like we have helped save his life. I know that truly it is the power of the Atonement in his life that his helping him have these feelings of hope and light. I'm excited to help him recognize this more too. At church on Sunday, we were waiting for him to come, and getting more anxious as the time grew closer for Sacrament meeting to start. During the opening hymn he still wasn't there, but we were keeping faith that he would show. Sure enough, in the middle of the hymn he walked in with his leather jacket, his hair long clean and braided, and his best blue jeans with the chains on them on. He enjoyed church and the members did a wonderful job at introducing themselves to him and helping him feel welcome. When Brother Matthews introduced himself to bishop he told him that he is getting baptized on January 14th. Brother Matthews is evidence that the Lord's prepared people are out there, and if we open our mouth and are worthy of the guidance of the Holy Ghost, we will find them.

He also told us that if we ever need a body guard or a mechanic, he's our guy HAHA.

One other miracle. Sister Erickson had the idea to start praying to have a head quarter referral of someone who watched the Christmas video and wanted to meet with the missionaries. She has a strong testimony of headquarter referrals, and we figured with the Christmas initiative it only makes sense that it would be a good time to receive some. Well, that exact prayer was answered the very next day. Robert Bartholomew googled "how to convert to Mormon"and was led to the Christmas video where he then requested missionaries. So cool. God is so good and answers the prayers of all of His children in the way that helps them the most.


Sister Hammond ♥

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