Thursday, August 27, 2015

Holiness to the Lord, House of the Lord

Tonight was the 6th time that I've been to the temple. So far I've been to the Ogden, Bountiful, St. George, and Salt Lake temples. The spirit that resides within the temple is so unique. My Patriarchal Blessing tells me to go to the temple regularly and often, and that "the Son of Man does manifest himself to His sons and daughters." I'm starting to see a little bit of what this sentence means, I've never felt anything more powerful than what I've felt in the temple.

My friend Kathy received her endowment tonight and I was able to go through with her. It's the first own endowment session that I've been in since I went through and it was such an exciting experience to be able to witness my friend make those sacred covenants. She leaves on her mission a week after me, so hopefully we'll see each other in the MTC!

I love going to the temple because I learn something new every time I go (which shouldn't be a surprise since I've only gone 6 times). But tonight I wasn't really looking, I was a little distracted by my thoughts and the fact that my friend was there for the first time. There is SO much that can be learned in each session, but I don't know what I should be looking for. When I got to the Celestial room I had the thought that I needed to start going to the temple with questions. That way I could be anxiously engaged in prayer and in the scriptures to find answers to my questions, with the Lord's help, in the Holy Temple. 

Unfortunately I don't have a temple in my mission. Hopefully we'll be able to go to a temple close by on occasion. I'm not sure how that works? But I know that I'll gain a testimony of how important the temple is since I won't have it 20 minutes away anymore. I'm grateful that Heavenly Father is sending me to this mission that seems to get better and better every day. I've heard such great things about my mission president and his wife and I'm so excited to get out there and spread the word of the Living Christ. Only 62 more days!...well, since it's 11:30 it's basically down to 61 days! :) Also, tomorrow is exactly 2 months until I leave!! But seriously though, who's counting?


  1. You can always ask anyone in the celestial room your questions. I know you don't know me well but I'd love to go to the temple with you.

  2. I know that;) what I meant was, I want to go to the temple with serious questions: Like where I'm going to go to school and what I should major in when I get back from my mission. And I would never pass up an opportunity to go to the temple!!