Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Missionary Moment

Sunday I woke up and went to a mission prep class with Kathy. It was pretty good, they mostly talked about preparing for a mission. One thing that they brought up a lot was being prepared for hard work. I've been working since I turned 16, I've given up time to hang out with friends, go to football games, basically have a social life at times, just to work. I know I'm not fully prepared, but I'm grateful for the jobs that I've had that have taught me the value of hard work. I know it will bless me out in the field.

So I have this friend who really wants Kathy and me to practice our discussions on her. After mission prep Kathy and I went into a classroom and talked about what we should teach. We knelt in prayer and asked that our minds would be opened so that we'd be able to know what should be discussed, and....nothing. We talked a little bit about what she was going through at the moment and tried to decided upon a lesson that could maybe help a current trial. Somehow we came across a talk from last Conference by Elder L. Whitney Clayton who told the story of a girl in a plane accident and went in search of help. She saw a light in the distance and struggled on until she reached it, where she found a kind man who quickly rushed to her rescue. 

When we shared this story with our friend, Kathy explained it in an incredible way that brought the spirit so powerfully. She said that we all have trials in life, we are all hiking through rough terrain that sometimes seems impossible to maneuver, but when we catch a glimpse of the light ahead of us we have to press on because when we reach that light, all of our burdens will be eased. Jesus Christ is my light and I shared a scripture that is Micah 7:7-8. The adversary has so much power to drag us down, to discourage us, and to make us feel the crushing weight of stress and hopelessness. But our Savior knows exactly how much we can handle and He is waiting for us to see His light and make our way towards Him so that He can deliver us from our sorrows and struggles. I loved the opportunity we had to teach today, it really helped me to see that missionary work is really about assessing people's needs and helping them to overcome certain situations in their lives. 

Another cool thing about Sunday, I got called and set apart as a nursery worker. I'm so excited for this calling! I love those little kids who are so innocent and have a perfect love for Jesus Christ. 

Only 57 more days! Washington, here I come:D

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