Monday, September 14, 2015

Mission Prep Class

Last week Kathy asked me if I would help her give a Preach My Gospel lesson in our MTM (Mountain Top Mission) class. While trying to come up with a subject to teach about, I was reading in my scriptures and I remembered some lessons I had in my other mission prep class. One lesson was based on how to simplify the gospel so as to teach it to families who knew little to nothing about God and His church. I brought this idea up to Kathy and we decided that it would be a fun topic :)

We found a page in the Preach My Gospel manual right after the first lesson that has a list of difficult words, such as apostasy and dispensation, with their definitions. Kathy and I found scriptures that could also be used to help explain these words. I felt confident and prepared when we went on Sunday morning to teach our lesson. One thing that I was really worried about was how much participation we'd be able to get. Normally people aren't too keen to make comments in this class. Our lesson was based on the amount of participation that we'd be able to get because we had a lot of scriptures for people to look up and we also wanted to have them come up with new words or phrases that we could use to replace the ones that were difficult to understand. But I think that our lesson went really well! It was fun to be up there teaching because this is what I'm going to be doing for the next 18 months of my life:D

After the class was over a girl came up to us and said that we looked like the cutest sister missionaries as we were up there teaching. I'm so excited to go on my mission!!!!I'm also very grateful for the chance to teach this topic, it was interesting to see how many scripture mastery verses that we used to help us define the key terms. It makes me have a greater appreciation for how important scripture mastery is and how often I'll be using it in the mission field.

This last week I also had the opportunity to go to the Brigham City temple. It was really pretty and I absolutely love the feeling of being in the Celestial Room. There was actually a kid who was going through for the first time. When I had walked out he and his family were out front talking. I don't know where I got the courage, but I walked up and asked him if he had gone through because of a mission. He said yes, so I then asked where he was going...Yeah, he's going to Washington!!! I was kinda shocked, what were the chances that he was going to the same state as me?! He's going to the Yakima mission and reporting October 7th. It was just a cool experience to be able to meet someone at the temple going almost exactly where I'm going. God Lives!!
44 days left until my work begins :D

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