Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Trip to Payson

I have a new favorite temple :) Well, I can't really say that because I love different things about every temple I've been to. The Bountiful Temple's Celestial Room is so white and bright and perfect. In the Salt Lake Temple I loved going from room to room and progressively climbing higher and higher with each stage of the endowment. When I went to the Saint George Temple I could feel the spirit so strongly! And the Ogden Temple will always be a favorite because I received my endowment there. It really is a gorgeous place. But the Payson Temple is so elegant.

I took a little temple trip with Jennifer and Kathy. It was Kathy's second time, so it was cool to be able to be there with her! We arrived in Payson around 6, so we had a chance to take pictures before we went in for our session.

 Kathy and I had the idea to bring the flags of the states where we are going to serve. Since I'm going to Washington, I get George Washington's face on mine, no bid deal. And Kathy is going to Florida, if you look closely at Kathy's flag then you'll see some pretty...interesting things!
this picture is probably my favorite

Going to the temple is such an amazing experience, I learn something new every time I go! In the beginning of the session it talks about the covenants you make and that when you strive to live and obey these covenants then you'll recognize blessings that come from them. 

I don't know how to word this properly... I know the covenants that I've made, but it's confusing in the fact that there is so much! But when I heard this, it made me realize that it doesn't matter how perfect my knowledge is, but if I strive every day to keep those covenants then I'll begin to see the blessings of it in my life. 

I love my nursery calling!!! I'm in love with the nursery kids, there's this little girl, her name is Kendall, and she LOVES me! It's so cute :) her mom brought her in and she was crying, she saw me and I opened my arms to pick her up and she literally ran into my arms. She is so stinking funny though, she'll grab my pinky and pull me around the room to play with different toys. But my overall favorite thing about nursery is the innocence that those kids have. They are so little, but they know who Jesus is. They know how to say simple prayers, and they are just so loving! I read a scripture today in Matt. 18. I think it was verse 3 or 4, but Jesus is teaching about the kingdom of Heaven and he said that it will be filled with people who are humble like little children. 

I'm down to 50 days...so many, but seriously, its been almost 40 since I opened my mission call, I can do this! I already have all of my mission clothes :) I just need the random little things now. My mom keeps laughing at me because every time I get something for my mission I start to pack everything up. Yesterday I tried on all of my clothes...then I folded them all and packed them into my giant suit case...finally, after I realized that they'd get all wrinkled if they spent 50 days packed away, I hung them up in my closet. I'm just so stinking excited to leave!

By the way, the church is true!

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