Friday, September 25, 2015

USU with my bestie

This week my coworker's father died. He has been sick for a long time and they knew this was coming. I had to cover her shifts, basically I had four 10 hour shifts... so I got lots of overtime! :) I am just so grateful for the knowledge of life after death. God has a plan for all of us and that doesn't end when we leave this frail existence. That's one thing I'm excited to teach about on my mission, the fact that death doesn't mean the end. There are so many people who don't know this truth and it makes me sad to think that they believe they'll never see their loved ones again.

On Wednesday after work I went to Logan and stayed with my bestest friend in the whole world, can you guess who it is? MCKENNA! I was able to get work off on Thursday so I took a trip to USU to spend time with her before I leave...which is in 33 days by the way! Her dorm is so cute, and her roommates are awesome. There was a dance on Thursday night, but me and Kenna are homebodies so we stayed at the dorm and watched Netflix and also went to dinner with Aspyn, Capris, and Jaycee since they are at USU too. It was a lot of fun and made me really desirous to be there...If I wasn't going on a mission then I'd be at school with Kenna and we'd be roommates like we'd been planning since like 8th grade. Satan has a funny way of getting into my head. He's trying to persuade me to not go on a mission by showing me what I'm missing out on. However, I know that which the Lord has commanded me and I glory in it! (Alma 29:9) I've been blessed with my testimony so that I can go out and share it. I'm also very grateful for a God who is so patient with me while I struggle to find the path that He's laid out for me.

Since McKenna had class on Thursday, I took the opportunity to go to the Logan Temple. It's funny how I am always surprised with the spirit that resides within the temple! As soon as I walked in I could already feel the spirit:) When I go to the temple I can feel God's power and I know that I'm exactly where I should be. The temple is a place that offers spiritual protection and relief from the confusing and loud world. When I'm there I can put all of my worries aside and just feel the spirit. It reminds me that I'm never alone, I am loved, and ultimately reminds me how true this church is.

I feel like I should write a bit concerning Joseph Smith. He was 14 years old when he learned that none of the churches were true and that God had a plan to reorganize His church. Yes, Joseph Smith was a man; in fact, he was pretty much a child, and just like every other person in this world, he made mistakes. But look at everything that has come of the choice that he made to pray and ASK God. There is absolutely no way that he could have imagined up any part of this church. How could a simple, uneducated farm boy have created a church which evolved to include millions of members around the world? God orchestrated the restoration and He is at the head of it. Everything denotes to His omnipotent power, especially in the temple. I can testify with my whole heart that this church is true. And to anyone who may be struggling, get down on your knees and ASK God. He is not far from each and every one of us and He is waiting to answer any questions that are asked in faith.

I can't wait for those 33 days to be done so that I can go to Washington and show people how awesome this gospel is!!! <3

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