Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Conference and My Bday :)

Well, I started to pack up all of my stuff. I started going through my things and throwing out everything that I've been hording had since junior high school that's taking up way too much space in my room. Also, to the pleasure of my younger sisters, I went through my clothes and gave them everything that I didn't want when I come home in 18 months.

On Friday I got my missionary pictures done by my incredible cousins, I can't wait to see how they turn out. We did them at the Ogden temple and it was so much fun <3
The first week of April and October are my favorite weekends in the whole entire world. Why, you may ask? Because it's General Conference!! I love sitting in front of the TV with a notebook in my hand and ready to write down thoughts that the speakers have been inspired to teach. There were many incredible talks, especially hearing the testimonies of our 3 new apostles in the Sunday morning session.

Speaking of that session...Please pray for our beloved prophet. He gave an incredible talk about being a light to the world. He also spoke of one of my favorite scriptures, Matt. 5:16. "Therefore, let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your father which art in heaven."
But, nearing the end of his talk, President Monson could barely stand at the pulpit. It brought tears to my eyes as I watched him struggle through the last few words.

One girl who was there posted on Facebook that President Uchtdorf was sitting on the edge of his seat, waiting to rush to the prophet's aid should he need it. Then, as soon as he finished his talk, Uchtdorf was right there, leading him back to his seat. I know that it's almost our prophet's time to return home to our Heavenly Father and to see his sweet wife again. But I'm going to miss him... He's been the prophet that I've grown up with. Courtney and I had the opportunity to run into him in the baptistery of the Salt Lake temple on a ward temple trip. He signed my mission call. This man has been an incredible servant of the Lord and I know that He is proud of him. I only hope that Monson can go quickly, because seeing him speak nearly broke my heart...

In happier news, I'm 19! I am officially the age required for girls to be recommended for missionary service. Which means I am old enough to serve my mission in Washington! When it came to birthday gifts, my family was clueless as to what to get me, so my mom gave me some money that I used to get some cute boots for Washington's winter months ;) I also got an umbrella from Courtney! <3 My friends got me a necklace and a scarf that said, "a missionary leaves her family for a year and a half so that other families and be together for eternity." They also got me a couple of books full of scriptures and other uplifting quotes that I can use in lessons and discussions. Another friend got me a cute little package for writing letters! And McKenna got me an awesome picture collage full of our adventures over the years. I love my friends and family and I'm so grateful for the blessing and strength that they've been in my life and the support that I have from them to serve my mission.

It's getting close! 22 days. For those who don't know. I am having my farewell on the 25th at 1:30 at the Mountain Green Stake Center. I would love for everyone and anyone to come. We'll also be having lunch afterwards at my house.

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