Monday, July 18, 2016

Week 38

We had a really great interview with our mission president and his cute wife on Wednesday. Sister Rasmussen is so much fun! Sister Zavala loves making cookies so we made them and our zone chocolate chip cookies. We made this big cookie with a giant 'R' in the middle made out of chocolate chips. It was a lot of fun and the Rasmussen's were super excited. 
This week has been so busy, actually, the past couple weeks have been so busy. I literally don't know what I'm doing with my life. My motto is just "make it all up as you go along." I guess I should add "with God's help". 

I've been reading the war chapters in Alma this week in my Book of Mormon reading. I've never realized how much they really do apply to our life today. Satan's influence is evidenced all throughout the world and it's so hard to distinguish between good and evil because it's covered with so many 'grey' areas. When the Lamanites came against the Nephites Captain Moroni prepared his people with their weapons of war (Alma 43:18-19). I've realized that now more than ever is the time that we need to follow the council of our prophet. Just as Captain Moroni prepared the Nephites in their time of need, President Monson and the other General Authorities receive revelation and guidance as to how to help us face the tempations and 'grey' areas that come from the adversary. As we heed their council with strict obedience we will be prepared to overcome whatever is thrown our way. "Behold, the armies of the Nephites were prepared to meet them" - Alma 43:15.

I love this gospel and I love my mission Black heart (cards) Autumn Washburn is getting baptized this week, keep her in your prayers!

Sister Hammond Black heart (cards)
Washington blackberries grow EVERYWHERE, and they are starting to come in :)

puppies are the best therapy.

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