Monday, April 11, 2016

Week 24

Had a great week that was topped off by an incredible fast and testimony meeting. Sister Ainsworth was confirmed a member of the church and she bore her testimony. I remember when Sister Gillespie was confirmed. I miss her so much! Please pray for her to continue to stay strong and have a lasting conversion (2 Ne. 31:19-20)

If any one was wondering what the life of a missionary consisted of, I thought I'd give you a small peak :)

6:30 am - wake up. Waking up means rolling out of bed wrapped in your comforter and trying to remember who's turn it is to say the companion prayer. Praying together with your comp then saying your own prayer. After a couple minutes of groggily trying to wake up you throw your blankets on your bed (neatly making your bed because we are clean and organized.) then, in your pj's, go into the living room and exercise for 30 minutes

7:20 am - shower and prepare for the day. I've gotten really good at taking short showers and getting ready in 5 minutes flat. Also, my wardrobe has become 2nd hand clothes from the thrift store that are super cute but also good to get dirty in. The best.

8 am - personal study. Begin with a prayer. Study the Book of Mormon, Preach my Gospel, and other stories in the scriptures or ensigns or talks that could be useful.

9 am - companion study. Sing a song and start with a prayer. Read out of the missionary handbook, share insights that we received during personal study. Plan for lessons, etc...

10 am - leave the house and go do missionary stuff. Such activities include but are not limited to: Finding/contacting, service, lessons, phone calls, driving around to different points in our area, visiting members for short lessons, visiting less active members, trying to find new investigators, etc...

1 pm - lunch. Come home and take a nap, eat something, organize or clean, do random things, craft something, etc...

2 pm - resume whatever we were doing at 10 am.

5 pm - dinner. Usually at a member's home but sometimes at our house. We always eat weird food and we're the guinea pigs because people like to test new recipes on us. Generally it's really good. Try to keep the conversation gospel based (sometimes members aren't very good at that ;) share a short message. Try to get out by 6 pm...That almost never happens because member looovvvveee to talk to the missionaries.

6 pm - resume whatever we were doing at 10 am

9 pm - return home. Plan by going over what we did that day then make plans and goals for the next day. Sometimes the district leader will call and we will report our progress. Update the Area Book and any other records.

9:30 pm - get ready for bed, write in journal, get ready to do it all again :) <3

10:30 pm - BED

I love love love this schedule because I get to do so many different things every day. Our day is laid out so that we determine what we do every day. It is awesome to be so productive and so busy. It sets great habits of planning and not procrastinating that will carry on throughout the rest of my life.

Love you all!! 

​Sister Zavala took the 2nd picture. Gotta love Washington sunsets. 

Sister Hammond ♥

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