Monday, April 25, 2016

Week 26

I reach my 6 month 'click day' on Thursday the 28th..I've been thinking about all the things that I've learned and all the miracles that have happened since I've been on my mission.

-Sister Gillespie was baptized ♥☼♥
-Sister Ainsworth was baptized ♪♫♪

-God loves each of His children soooo much!
-being a missionary is hard but worth it.
-the Atonement is real and helps us to change our lives
-prayer allows us to change our wills to align more with God's will
-God will always answer our prayers as long as we ask for the right things
-The scriptures are soooo good and bring us so much happiness and point us towards Jesus Christ
-Prophets speak by the power and authority of God
-Repentance is a process in which we change our hearts to become better every day


I just want to leave my witness with you that this church is true and it's lead by Thomas S. Monson who is a prophet called by God. The scriptures are written for our day and as we read them we can come closer to Jesus Christ and gain a greater understanding of the reality of the Plan of Salvation and the Love that Heavenly Father has for each of us. Jesus Christ lived, died, and rose again that we might have hope through Him. He provides the only way back to the Father. Joseph Smith was an imperfect young boy who God prepared and eventually called to be a prophet to restore the FULLNESS of His Gospel to the earth that we might be able to find true and lasting peace and happiness in this life and throughout eternity. And the best thing? God answers our prayers and He testifies of truth. And I know that this is true.
In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen

Sister Hammond ♥

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