Monday, August 8, 2016

Week 41

We had the opportunity to go to a broadcast from the 1st counselors in the Relief Society, Young Woman's and Primary General Presidency's. They had amazing talks about putting your whole self in, reaching our full potential as daughters of God, remembering that our baptismal covenants mean reaching out to others, and to prepare our selves against opposition.

We also had the opportunity to teach Young Woman's on Sunday. We had the topic of families. Easy peesy lemon squeezy. Especially being a missionary and talking about families all day every day. Families are literally ordained of God. How great is it that His plan is all about helping our families to return to live with Him again? I especially love that our Heavenly Father has given us temples so that marriage doesn't have to be "till death do you part." I know for myself that marriage is meant to last beyond the grave and into the eternities. I am so thankful that I will be able to be sealed in the temple and to have my own eternal family. ☼

I love this gospel so much and I love being a missionary.

Sister Hammond Black heart (cards)

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