Monday, August 22, 2016

Week 43

"do I know anybody who's unchurched around here?"

When we go tracting we always ask if they know of anybody who we should go see or share a message with. So this was Ed's response, " I know anybody who is unchurched around here? can't say that I do!" Little does Ed know that we actually have the fullness of the Gospel. The complete truth that Christ had when He was on the earth. So our message is for all people. Churched and Unchurched alike ;)

Being a missionary is so cool. I hit 10 months on the 28th...It's scary how little time I have left.. I got my half way letter from my mission president this week. I get to go and pray by a lake and ask God what I can do to reach new heights for the rest of my mission. We have some members who live on a BEAUTIFUL lake so we're going to set aside some time to go and do that. It's crazy how fast time goes. In my letter President quoted Elder Hales in talking about how we can reach new heights. I'm excited to see the peaks that the Lord will help me to reach over the next 8.7 months ☼ I know that as I refocus and keep my eye single to God's glory that He'll be able to help me reach heights that I'd never be able to accomplish on my own.

I had the opportunity to bear my testimony at our mission devotional last night. My topic was "We can know the truth of these things for ourselves by the power of the Holy Ghost" It's incredible because our message is either true or it is not. The Book of Mormon prophet Moroni exhorts us to read the Book of Mormon and then to pray and ask God if it is true. He promises that all those who have sincere desires to do so will come to know for themselves, through the Holy Ghost that it is true. I have done this for myself many times. And I do know. This knowledge brings me so much comfort, because I know the Book of Mormon is true I also know that I have a loving Heavenly Father who has a plan for me. I know that He sent His Son to help me through my weaknesses and mistakes. All things can be healed through Jesus Christ. I know that as I keep His commandments and choose every day to follow Him that I will have the opportunity to live with God forever. I do know for myself that Joseph Smith was a prophet and that through him the fullness of the Gospel was restored to the earth. I know all of these things because I know the Book of Mormon is true!

Hope you all have an incredible week ♥ Read the Book of Mormon, you'll see so many miracles as you choose to act on Moroni's message.

our investigator's daughter and the neighbor's kids painted their faces with eyeshadow.
hottest week of the summer plus no AC.

lol, mom...I broke the apple slicer...Sorry Sister Skousen!

Sister Hammond ♥♥

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