Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Week 57

"Thank you, Officer!"

oops! We might have accidentally been involved in a minor car accident last night. But the Lord is so good so He protected us and also the poor other car. We were maybe going like 5 mph because we were just pulling out onto the street and bumped another car. The police officer that came was driving past, he was SO nice! Blessings.

This week has been one for the record book! Where to even begin?
-Thanksgiving was a blast! Had tons of fun from our adventures with the other missionaries. We got together with half of the mission and played sports, one of the Hermanas brought Book of Mormon Charades. Best game ever btw.
-Thanksgiving dinner was amazing and now our fridge is full of left over turkey and pies. I promise that when missionaries come over to your house we are not broke and starving. Everyone, literally everyone, feeds us or sends us home with stuff. ;)
-A missionary came home from Australia and had her homecoming on Sunday. It was so amazing and the spirit was so strong. She invited us over to share a message with all of her nonmember friends. That was pretty legit.
-Said goodbye to all of my Lake Holm ward members because I'M GETTING TRANSFERRED! :( We got the call on Sunday night and I'm so sad that I'm leaving. But it's okay because God qualifies us for the work no matter where we serve. I'm going to be going to South Hill in the Puyallup South Stake - same stake where I started my mission last year. It'll be great!

The church is true so #lighttheworld with Jesus Christ this year.

Sister Hammond ♥

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