Monday, May 16, 2016

Week 29

So, if any of you can remember back to January when we went to the temple I talked about a man that we met in Pizza Hut. If you can't remember, here's a run down of the story..

We had the opportunity to go to the Seattle temple on January 19th and we were able to ride down with President Eaton. The temple was amazing as always. On our way home President asked us if any one would be interested in going to Pizza Hut and trying a cookie pizza? Obviously we said yes :) Well, there was a catch. In order for us to 'earn' our cookie pizza we had to teach the people in the restaurant. One of those people we happend to teach was a 20 something year old kid named Manase (Ma-nah-say). President was so great and even called the ysa elders so they could set up a time to meet and have an official lesson.

Well, a few weeks pass and we ask the Elders if they are still teaching him. They said they were, but that he wasn't progressing very much. But his brother Marv was progressing really great and he ended up getting baptized a few weeks later.

On Wednesday this last week we had zone conference and President Eaton came up to me and told me that Manase was getting baptized on Saturday! Almost all of the missionaries who got to help teach were there at his baptism. Wow. And his testimony was so incredible and so strong. He did a rendition of the gospel ABC's about what he's learned, and it was powerful.

This experience has been such a testimony builder to me of the importance of talking to everyone! More than one conversion came because of that day we went to the temple and happened to go to pizza hut and happened to meet this man and happened to teach him. God has a plan for His children and we are His instruments. Alma 29:9

Sister Hammond Black heart (cards)

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