Monday, May 23, 2016

Week 30

God is blessing us so much Black heart (cards) We met someone at a mission devotional last week, her name is Autumn and she is hilarious. We had our first lesson with her on Friday and she made us scones that were to die for. She's actually talking to one of the RM's who served in this ward and they've been on a couple of dates. He pestered her to start meeting with us so she took that step and had us come over :) and she's also a part member family so we are going to be trying to work with her dad as well, her mom is just starting to come back to church. She came to church on Sunday and loved it! She also told us how she had decided to walk away from a conversation at work that she's never walked away from before and as she did that she had a huge smile on her face (this was after our first lesson) THE SPIRIT REALLY DOES CHANGE ATTITUDE AND BEHAVIOR.

Our area is literally on fire. We are having so much fun going around and working with less active and part member families. We are helping two 8 year old kids get baptized in June, their family is less active but coming back to church.

Yesterday was probably the best day of the week. We were out knocking on doors and it literally just starts to POUR DOWN RAIN! It went from sunny to rainy in 2.5 seconds (or something like that) So what do we do? Start dancing in it, that's what! (in a totally appropriate sister missionary kind of way) ♪♫♪ Even though people weren't very interested in talking with us we were having the time of our lives going from door to door and getting soaked. I felt like a little kid again. Then, the very last door that we knock on was this guy named Eli. We started talking to him about families and we go to read a scripture from the Book of Mormon and he's like, "oh, I've got two of those. I read it with my Bible sometimes. I just think it's good to have a wider perspective of what other religions believe." We stood there with our mouths open for a second and then we jumped on it, set up a return appointment, and we'll be seeing him tonight. PRAY FOR ELI AND HIS FAMILY :D

I have such a strong testimony that the Lord will bless us based on our efforts. The more we seek to lose ourselves in His work the more He will rain His blessings upon us, literally.

I love you all!!

Sister Hammond Black heart (cards)

ps - I try to respond to all of my emails, but sometimes I don't get to them all in my time limit. If I haven't written you back in a long time it might have gotten lost. When ever you want to write me create a new email instead of responding to my group email because those are the ones that get lost the most. Thanks so much!!!

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