Monday, October 10, 2016

Week 50

"My house is a vortex of memory loss"

We have a cute mom that we go and see once a week and for some reason none of us could remember ANYTHING. So she eventually said, "My house is a vortex of memory loss." Good thing the spirit will bring all things to our remembrance!

This week has been exciting. 
-my birthday and mac&cheese at Sister Ainsworth's house
-our car had to be fixed so we borrowed the zone leaders for a day then got a temporary car. (It was a chevy cruise and took me back to the good ol' times in Pioneer Valley ♥)
-Special training from President and Sister Rasmussen
-starting to do member lessons every night at 8 and they are going so good. Our members are on fire for missionary work. (The Heals are this little family that is picture perfect and adorable. They have 4 kids and whenever they see us they say, "HI MISSIONARIES!" and run as fast as they can to hug and wave at us. Doing a lesson at their house was the best because we talked about how they are going to be missionaries when they're older ♥♥ )
-Took Andrew to a baptism and he felt the spirit. The Elders needed someone to do a Restoration presentation, so for some reason they asked Sister Roberts and I to do it. The spirit always comes so strongly when we talk about Joseph Smith and his experience.
-Gotta see my bff today at choir practice. and she popped my back #blessingsInline image 4

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