Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Week 75

The miracle of butterflies

One of Sister Erickson's favorite things is butterflies. When we're out tracting she'll be sure to knock on the doors of people who have butterflies on their doors. We were leaving the house of our investigator a few weeks back and contacted a woman, she gave us a referral for a family across the street who had just moved in. We wrote it down but kind of forgot about it for a few weeks. The other day we were walking by and remembered and went to knock on it, there were little butterflies all in the garden. Sister Erickson was so excited! The woman who answered is from Georgia and has only lived here a month. She was so open when we shared a little bit of our message with her and was excited to read the Book of Mormon. Later this week we received a call from a member in our ward who said she went to lunch with her new neighbor and said that she had met with us and wanted to learn more. Her name is Sister Patterson, we've taught her two lessons so far. As we are teaching her I am so filled with God's love for her. We talk about seeing people in 3 stages of white. (baptism, the temple, and the Celestial Kingdom) That's the lense in which Sister Erickson and I have been viewing her. She has been so prepared by God to receive this message. ♥

Sister Erickson is also being transferred today..I've been so blessed to be companions with her. She has taught me so much about the love that the Lord has for all of His children. We've been a part of many miracles together and now she's going to bless the lives of the people in Renton. I'm getting Sister Bowman! She's so cute! We've been on exchanges a couple of times. My last companion...how did it get to this point?

Conference this weekend was absolutely amazing. The talk that Heavenly Father sent directly to me was Elder Rasband's. He spoke about responding to the promptings of the spirit with earnestness. To be a first responder to the impressions we receive. Being in the last leg of my mission, I've learned a lot about the way that the spirit speaks to me. I know that Heavenly Father has a lot in store if I'm willing to listen, act, and report back to Him. He's at the head of this great work. I love the Gospel of Jesus Christ with my whole heart.

Sister Hammond ♥

ps - if you haven't watched the #PrinceofPeace video. Watch it. mormon.org

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